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Catherine Nagle
Artist Statement

My interest in the arts began before I had even been familiar with the term. A major portion of my childhood was spent drawing, painting, crafting, and creating. I come from a family

background where art in numerable forms were held in the highest of regard. My parents always provided encouragement, and the constructive criticism that I needed to develop my skills. At the age of sixteen I painted my very first portrait in acrylics.
Since that time, I continue to love painting portraits of people, pets, wildlife, and nature scenes. Each subject is so unique. I consider it a special privilege when asked to paint individuals who have passed on from this life. It makes me happy to provide grieving loved ones with a lasting memory in the form of a portrait. My medium of choice is acrylics. Quite often I utilize the glazing technique.

Good Ole' Bessie ‐ 2005 Acrylic on Canvas Board

On the other hand in the digital art spectrum, the day that I discovered that my digital art creations could move on the screen with the help of my computer was another turning point in my career.

In 2007 I voluntarily taught bi‐weekly art classes, primarily to children. Providing quality interactive multimedia, and educational material for children and adults rests in the heart of my present and future endeavors. I believe a truly full education should incorporate art as a fundamental and essential area of study that enhances and fuels all of the other subjects. Remember DaVinci?

I love being an artist. To me, art is a wonderful tapestry of life’s
reflections that are meant for inspiration, pleasure, and communication.
Often times in our fast paced and hurried lifestyles, it’s so easy to absorb all that is wrong, and we lose sight of what really matters the most. It is my desire to focus the viewer’s attention on the beauty that can so easily been seen around them. When I'm painting, sketching or creating computer graphics, it causes me to slow down, reflect, and take a good second look at everything around me.

I’ve been freelancing my art for many years. From 2004‐2005 I had begun to make my paintings available to the public via EBay. The feedback I received from my buyers is still available for the public to view. Here are some of those responses below:

  • Absolutely Adorable ‐ Beautifully packed, great correspondence! A+
  • Thanks from Paris! Great doing business with Hope to do more of the same. A***
  • Beautiful; indeed these gorgeous little paintings put a smile on my face!!
  • Beautiful & delightful Alice!! I hope that you illustrate children's books!!
  • Wow! What an awesome painting. I just want to step right into it! Thanks!
  • Beautiful artwork, great documentation, and very nice communication!
  • "Repeat buyer"! Beautiful painting! A pleasure to deal with! Thanks again!
  • Incredibly lovely! I am very impressed. Great packing job, kind note, also.

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